We want to make more people aware of how important it is to keep your websites up to date

With the majority of websites, including WordPress, plugins and WordPress’ core software, need to be updated at different times. This is because some depend on others to work. It’s vitally important to keep on track so that your site keeps functioning to it’s full potential

At Envious, we are able to support you and your site so that you don’t have to worry about the potential of hackers accessing your site and plugins breaking!

We will complete a full back up of your site, retaining all settings of plugins, so that when updates are installed and we come across compatibility issues (which there often can be), we can compare old from new and solve the issue. This takes the hassle away from you and you can leave it to the experts. Our WordPress maintenance service includes us updating your plugins every fortnight to ensure they are up to date and communicating with each other

From just £60 month – get in touch to see how we can help you

We are Envious – keeping you safe and secure


Running WordPress and plugin updates randomly can cause problems too! We are often faced with our clients needing to come to us to help resolve functionality or visual issues when these updates are run methodically – and tested

But, if your plugins and WordPress core software aren’t up to date, it makes your site vulnerable and easier for hackers to get in. Every time a security vulnerability is reported, the core WordPress team works diligently to release an update that fixes the issue. This means that if you are not using the latest version of WordPress, hackers can make scripts that search the internet for vulnerabilities in WordPress itself and out of date plugins. This means you could be on their list of sites to hack!

For this reason, we sincerely recommend you update your website regularly


Updating your website brings a lot more cool elements! Websites are constantly evolving and developing engaging features which means your website is current and fresh! We review the updates and suggest new things that your specific website could benefit from. Updates also help to optimise and reduce unused storage from your hosting server

Make sure you keep your website updated to reap maximum performance benefits

We are Envious – we care about the future