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  • What we’re working on


    The Envious team have secured a number of sizeable projects and we want to tell you about them! As you know, we have the ability to create ANY type of website, software application or mobile app – but in the past few months, we have seen an increase in two main sectors. Accommodation and Events […]

  • How the EU will effect business


    On June 23rd 2016, the UK will be voting on whether to stay a part of the EU (European Union) or to leave it completely. There is a lot of debate about what implications this will cause. The EU debate is one that has become quite confusing, with contradictory arguments from both sides. Luckily, we’ve […]

  • The right social networking for your business


    Knowing which social networking sites are best for what content can really push your business into a positive light. Picking social networking sites can be tricky. Facebook and Twitter may be the first option to that comes to mind when thinking of social networking, but there is more to the choosing the right platform than […]

  • Could you improve your digital footprint?


    A digital footprint as a business is important for you to be found by new and existing customers At the very least an effective digital footprint for a business needs to include: – A mobile friendly basic website. Most people have a phone to had 24/7 so if your mobile site isn’t fantastic, no one […]

  • Advertising on Social Media


    Compared to print and television media, it seems as if social media is starting to take the lead in popular advertising. It is  easy to access, easy to set up and more importantly for a business, cheaper.   The most important question to ask here is how effectively will this advertising work? Facebook Facebook is […]