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Envious Digital’s bespoke design and website development team write beautiful code to achieve the most complex functionality. From integrations with third-party software to creating something truly unique.

.php, Laravel, C#, jQuery, AJAX and Javascript


Bespoke design and bespoke website development is a form of coding without using open source platforms such as WordPress, Drupal or Magento. Our developers are skilled and practiced in .php, Laravel, C#, jQuery, AJAX and Javascript – and our technical team has full knowledge of SQL, mySQL and MSSQL.  

Sometimes our client’s ideas go beyond the capabilities of pre-built platforms. Envious Digital will write a clear technical specification detailing the functionality so our technical team knows exactly what they need to produce.


Bespoke development means the end product is totally unique and doesn’t rely on open-source platforms. This is important when stakeholders require the business to own the IP (intellectual property) fully. It also could be that the functionality required hasn’t ever been created before. Even though functionality can be similar to another project, the use case scenario is rarely identical – and the only way to achieve the desired result is to have a bespoke piece of software written instead. 

Open-sourced platforms used to develop websites often use themes and plugins to ‘construct’ the site. Although we are able to be unique in our design, it can sometimes be restrictive to develop on open-sourced platforms. When the brief comes to us and there are complex integrations and ‘unusual’ functionality requests, we would tend to recommend bespoke development. Although this will typically take longer to produce, we have full control over what we create and can avoid compatibility issues across various elements of the site.

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Envious Digital have 9 years of experience in creating bespoke websites, software and mobile applications. Here is just a selection of our work:-


Bespoke built bidwedge exchange currency

Bidwedge approached Envious Digital to produce a currency conversion system that allows users to create accounts, and buy and sell physical currency. The system also has a full CRM and admin system.

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Feridax Dealer

Feridax Dealer portal login dashboard

Feridax are a large distributor of motorcycle clothing and accessories. Envious Digital worked with Feridax to create a full distributor’s portal, allowing their dealers to purchase and manage their stock.

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Evolution mobile application on Desktop Screen

Faros Engineering commissioned Envious Digital to create a bespoke application – Evolution. The app monitors energy consumption from multiple sources and sends the data back into a clear reporting area.

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In an ever changing digital environment, Envious Digital aim to write and publish informative articles to help keep businesses up to date with important changes in technology, as well as interesting insights on specific topics, and of course, keep you up to date with what’s going on in our world.

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Building a bespoke website or app should be seen as a real investment into the business. As it can be a complicated topic, here are a few frequently asked questions.

Yes. With bespoke development, upon completion, we hand the source code and IP over to our clients meaning you can prove ownership and aren’t beholden to any one particular agency.

Absolutely. We develop in the most commonly used languages and ensure that our code is ‘tidy’. Change control is documented in GitHub meaning that future development is as simple as possible.

Yes. The project is planned out in detail at the very beginning and a clear, detailed specification document is also produced. We test our work internally prior to handing it over to our clients for beta release, at which point, they are given the tools to be able to test against the specification and report any bugs or amendments that may exist. This is standard practice with all of our projects and results in a smooth experience without frustrating episodes that can be difficult to communicate back to us.

Not always. For example, we wrote a simple piece of software that allowed a private jet charter company to search their database of available jets and automatically build a quotation, which was then emailed to their customer.

They certainly can be. During the initial consultation, we will ask the questions that need to be answered in order for us to include things such as a CMS editor within the specification. Book a free consultation here


“Envious Digital’s Account Managers nurture our clients and their projects, keeping them up to date with progress every step of the way. We also send links to bespoke developed sites throughout the process ensuring the functionality and design are exactly what our clients expect to receive.”

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