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Work hand in hand with Envious digital to build your website


We have used our 10 years of experience to curate a method of design and development that makes the whole process easy and manageable. Please read on to discover these steps and how they could be related to your project.


Having a clear, efficient process that is agreed upon and communicated between us and our clients, ensures that the project stays on track, has a smooth progress journey, and results in it being completed on time and to budget.

We aim to explain this process as clearly as possible and outline what is expected from our clients, and when, so they are armed with the knowledge and time needed from their schedules in advance which results in things being far less overwhelming.

Please read on further to see what each step involves, or contact us to discuss a new project and find out what this may mean for your upcoming project.

The specification document outlines exactly what will be present in each page, defines the sitemap and explains any technical functionality that will be developed.

The rest of the steps are carefully and efficiently managed by our experienced Account Managers and we keep our clients up to date by having regular meetings throughout the process. You can learn more about each step and what it involves below.

How things work


Envious Digital provides consultation through to website design and development. Here is just a selection of our work

Inside Global

Inside global new wordpress website design

Inside Global has used Envious Digital for two website redesign and build projects. The latest design reflects their move from being a UK company, to reaching clients across the world.

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ION Science

ION Science distributor dashboard client login area

Envious Digital worked with ION Science to create a portal for their Distributors to access information, take exams and download resources. The site has many roles and capabilities, restricting certain information depending on the user’s access level.

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Idox Group PLC

Idox group home page wordpress design

Envious Digital has partnered with Idox to create multiple websites to promote their products and services and provide information to their investors and shareholders. Their main website is featured here. 

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In an ever changing digital environment, Envious Digital aim to write and publish informative articles to help keep businesses up to date with important changes in technology, as well as interesting insights on specific topics, and of course, keep you up to date with what’s going on in our world.


“We aim to make the entire process enjoyable, informative, educational and aim to build long term relationships with a partnership you can rely on.”

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