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Care for your website


The relationship with our clients once a website is launched doesn’t end there. We provide the support needed to ensure our client’s websites are kept up to date, secure, fast, and reliable.


Envious Digital provide dedicated hosting services including an SSL certificate on high performance servers with plenty of storage and bandwidth.

With all of the sites we host, we also maintain out of courtesy, giving peace of mind to our clients that their sites will be kept up to date with WordPress software, theme and plugin updates.

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Hosting your website and keeping it secure


Naturally, there are many benefits of having any care plan. The prices differ depending on which one is taken up and reflect both the speed of response and the time allowed for us to provide a resolution.

We have made raising requests or tickets with us super easy by utilising a tool called Bugherd. Bugherd is a visual tool that allows users to click anywhere on the screen and raise a task detailing the request, with the added ability to upload supporting documents. On our end, we receive an instant notification along with a screenshot of exactly what was clicked on, the exact URL, and all of the details and documents sent at the same time. 

In addition, this ticket is created and we can discuss any further details or ask questions from within the individual task, keeping everything organised and easy to understand. No more trawling through emails to find the right one!

You can learn more about Bugherd and download the Chrome extension here. Bugherd

All of our care plans provide five hours of service per month. If the requests are actually extra development, or the five hours is exceeded, we will be able to provide ad-hoc quotations up front and communicate a precise timeline for completion.

For more information about our development process, visit here.

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Yes you can, but there are many complications that can arise which, if you are not a professional or have expert knowledge in software development, can cause problems which are then more expensive to have resolved. This varies from site to site, and we would be happy to provide you with an analysis of your specific setup and provide the best recommendation on this.

We schedule a whole day for carrying out updates once a fortnight. This gives enough time for new software updates to be released and also any imminent fixes published, but not enough time for any deprecation or vulnerabilities to creep in.

We are always here to help and will investigate your issue and provide you with a quotation and timescale to resolve it. Being on a care plan though gives you priority over ad-hoc requests and guarantees response and time for completion.

We can, but we would need to carry out a technical analysis on the site first. Once this has been done, we can provide you with a report on its structure, highlight any immediate concerns and recommend the best way forward.

Not at all. All we ask for is one month’s notice so that we can adjust the amount of time that our developer had already scheduled in for you.


Here are just some of our portfolio pieces to demonstrate the website design and development of WordPress websites, bespoke websites and mobile app development projects that we have worked on with our clients.

Batten & Allen

Different website design by Envious Digital

Batten and Allen wanted to really stand out against the crowd within their industry. Read more to find out about the whole project.

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Perfect Teams

Bespoke software application built by Envious Digital

Envious Developed an algorithm within this bespoke application to create profiles within teams of staff to compare their character types.

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Trade ecommerce portfolio item from Envious Digital

Aquiko manufactures its own products within the water flow market and needed an e-commerce solution along with product builder.

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In an ever changing digital environment, Envious Digital aim to write and publish informative articles to help keep businesses up to date with important changes in technology, as well as interesting insights on specific topics, and of course, keep you up to date with what’s going on in our world.


“Every care plan ticket raised is personally responded to either with a time to complete, or to ask for more information. Our team investigates the request fully and clearly explains the process to resolve within a timely manner.”

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