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Configure a website to your business needs


With the specification in place and design visuals signed off, Envious Digital can focus on the website development part of the process.


Our website developers will be working hard to produce the website, software, or application in accordance with the now signed-off specification and designs.

Using our internal project management systems, each main section or module is broken down into key development areas along with the time that it needs to be scheduled. This software is often linked to other systems and our Account Manager looking after the project will have prepared any assets or information that the developer will need to complete that particular task.

By planning each area and breaking them down like this, we can provide our clients with a full list of the information we will need from them and by what date. It also gives us the ability to provide a date for delivery of the next step – in this case, beta release.

Specification writing and check lists


At the beginning of the project, we will consult with our client and our developers to recommend the best approach in terms of the development language and hosting environment. These could include WordPress, .php, Laravel, C#, jQuery, AJAX, and Javascript – and our technical team has full knowledge of SQL, mySQL and MSSQL along with setting up hosting environments such as AWS, OVH, Microsoft Azure and AKS.  

Depending on the result of these investigations, we will assign the most experienced developer or developers, to work on the project based on their personal experience of achieving the results required as detailed in the brief and specification.

During the development process, we have regular weekly progress meetings where the work is reviewed by an Account Manager to ensure that everything has been fully understood and any questions or blockers can be addressed and resolved at an early point in time. 

Finally, when the project has been completed internally, we will put the system through a QA process prior to handing the system to our client at the next step – beta release.


Envious Digital has extensive experience in web design and web development. This is just a selection of our work but please view all to see our complete collection.

Benefit Cosmetics Campaign

Envious digital bespoke development of Benefit Cosmetics charity campaign

Benefit Cosmetics approached Envious Digital to design and develop a bespoke website for their charity campaigns in the UK and Ireland and their work around empowering women.

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1Rebel israel gym

Envious Digital has worked with 1Rebel to create numerous sites for their network of gyms. The 1Rebel Israel bespoke project is left to right in Hebrew, and integrates with their class booking system.

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Bespoke built bidwedge exchange currency

Bidwedge approached Envious Digital to produce a currency conversion system that allows users to create accounts, and buy and sell physical currency. The system also has a full CRM and admin system.

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“Envious Digital provides more than just a development service. We involve ourselves at every stage of the project and provide full consultancy resulting in an integrated business solution.”

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In an ever changing digital environment, Envious Digital aim to write and publish informative articles to help keep businesses up to date with important changes in technology, as well as interesting insights on specific topics, and of course, keep you up to date with what’s going on in our world.