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Finished result for testing and providing feedback


Envious Digital provides consultation, design, and development services for websites, software, and applications. Beta release is an exciting stage where our clients finally get to see the finished result for testing and providing feedback.


Beta release is such an important part of the development process, and one of the most exciting times for our clients! Once our team has completed the process of the initial consultations, specification production, design, and of course development, the product is finally ready to be submitted to our clients.

Envious Digital utilises a visually aided system called BugHerd for our clients to provide their feedback in a systematic and efficient manner, collecting comments, providing us with screenshots automatically, and crucially the unique URL of the area being discussed.

It’s our client’s chance to fully experience the completed product, compare it against the specification, and ensure it meets the needs of the deliverables.

Carefully crafted specification to build your website


Forget writing multiple emails, sending word documents, getting confused with what you have already commented on, or whether colleagues have already provided feedback on the same thing.

Bugherd provides a visual interface of the website and allows clients to click anywhere on the screen, add a comment, attach a document, assign a task to a specific member of our team and also use the then-created ticket as a conversation area. To see how easy it is to use, we have included BugHerd’s own tutorial video for clients.

Ask all the questions you need to know


This is generally agreed upon at an earlier stage and when we provide the timelines for all key milestones for the project. It’s normally based on the size of the project and can also take into account staff holidays or workloads. The average time is normally two weeks, so plenty of time for you to really gather your thoughts and allow colleagues to provide their feedback too.

The purpose of the specification is to explain in detail how the site will work. If we have not included anything that should be there, then of course we will rectify this as part of the original costs. The only things that would need to be charged an extra cost would be things required that hadn’t previously been included.

Yes. When a new task is raised on Bugherd, our whole team has visibility. Your Account Manager will be able to assign it to the appropriate member of our team and if they need to speak to you directly, they will be able to respond to you on the individual task. This will then trigger an email notification to you with the link to view the original task raised and respond to them directly. We also welcome and encourage video conference calls for bigger chats!

Absolutely! Whilst using BugHerd to provide feedback is the easiest way for us to collaboratively keep track of conversations, we also find that jumping on a video call where we can both share our screens and explain what we mean directly can be more effective. We can then use BugHerd for the more menial comments instead.

Whilst we encourage people to plan their time to make sure they have the time needed and keep the project’s launch date on track, we appreciate that unforeseeable circumstances can prevent them from doing that. If this happens, simply let your Account Manager know as early as possible and we will move the dates around with as little disruption to the launch date as possible.


Envious Digital provides consultation through to website design and development. Here is just a selection of our work

ION Science

ION Science distributor dashboard client login area

Envious Digital worked with ION Science to create a portal for their Distributors to access information, take exams and download resources. The site has many roles and capabilities, restricting certain information depending on the user’s access level.

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Idox Group PLC

Idox group home page wordpress design

Envious Digital has partnered with Idox to create multiple websites to promote their products and services and provide information to their investors and shareholders. Their main website is featured here. 

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Perfect Teams

Bespoke software application built by Envious Digital

Envious Developed an algorithm within this bespoke application to create profiles within teams of staff to compare their character types.

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In an ever changing digital environment, Envious Digital aim to write and publish informative articles to help keep businesses up to date with important changes in technology, as well as interesting insights on specific topics, and of course, keep you up to date with what’s going on in our world.



“Our main objective is to ensure our clients are happy and get the results they wanted – if not better than! Our USP is the amount of help and effort we put into doing this.”

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