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Envious Digital brings ideas to life crafting bespoke applications, used by multiple users every single day. Bespoke Mobile App development elevates brands and gets functionality into hands.


Mobile, and desktop applications are more commonly produced for a specific purpose. For example, when a website already exists talking about the company, the products and/or services – but there needs to be an application for users to download to perform specific functions.

Envious Digital design and develop bespoke, native applications as a digital platform that satisfies a specific business need. One of the main benefits of native applications is that they do not need an internet connection to use many of the functions, unlike a web app, website or cloud-based piece of software. Much of the functionality and data is within the code itself which is installed onto the device.

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Evolution Phone Application
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Apps, which are downloaded from the relevant app store, can either be free of charge – or payable. Many businesses use this to their advantage to gain brand elevation, providing their customers with something convenient to use whilst on the move, that their competitors do not, such as:-

  • Quick access shopping
  • Loyalty point collection
  • Map based functionality
  • Messaging system

Other use cases would be for businesses to provide a portal to their users to access information, and participate in user-specific activity such as:-

  • Taking online courses/exams
  • Accessing training or marketing material

  • Distributors and resellers being able to place bulk orders

  • Providing information about an event, with user ability to personalise sessions being attended

  • Providing external staff with a platform for locally stored data to be published on

As with all of the services Envious Digital provides, the first step for a successful outcome is to discuss the project in full in an initial consultation. This will help us recommend on viability, discuss an MVP and provide a proposal with our suggested approach and likely costs.

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We only develop native apps that are specific to the device type. This is because the coding is different, and Apple quality checks all apps before they are allowed on their app store. As the output can differ between device manufacturers, it is always best to develop specifically for that platform.

Desktop apps are required when they use data that can’t be accessed online or in the cloud meaning it pulls information from a local server or database. They are also used when the functionality needed isn’t quite as simple, or is not able to be presented on a mobile device.

Offering an application presents the brand in good steed and provides value for money. Many types of businesses now create applications to make their customers feel valued or to provide them with an additional feature that they can use on the move.

Yes! If your application needs to deliver real-time information that is inputted or stored somewhere else, we can normally connect to the one data source to keep everything up to date across both destinations.

Yes. There would be two ways to do this. The first would be to install the app directly onto the user’s device rather than through the app store, or the other would be to have a login area on the splash page that is connected to a database of allowed users.


Creating an application results in differentiating from competitors and provides added value to businesses. Here is a selection of our work.

Dell EMC

Dell EMC mobile application design and development

EMC runs forum events across the globe for their resellers to learn more about the products they can provide. Envious Digital developed a mobile application allowing attendees to book sessions and much more.

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Evolution mobile application on Desktop Screen

Faros Engineering commissioned Envious Digital to create a bespoke application – Evolution. The app monitors energy consumption from multiple sources and sends the data back into a clear reporting area.

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Perfect Teams

Bespoke software application built by Envious Digital

An application used by team leaders to send psychometric tests to their staff, generating a full profile on their staff’s character types. This then creates a report of the department’s mix as well as other character makeups within their industries.

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In an ever changing digital environment, Envious Digital aim to write and publish informative articles to help keep businesses up to date with important changes in technology, as well as interesting insights on specific topics, and of course, keep you up to date with what’s going on in our world.


“Envious Digital sits on your side of the table and work with you to identify your team’s needs and create a specification that includes the most effective way to achieve the end result.”

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