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The specification to us is like the blueprint of a house to an architect. It acts as a guide for both developer and client to know what to build, and what to expect when completed.


The specification includes everything that will be included in the project. It begins with a sitemap of all pages as well as (if eCommerce), a hierarchy of products and categories. 

We then break down each page and write a description of what will be included on the page as well as a clear description of any functionality and how it may connect with another area of the website.

Furthermore, if the system needs to integrate with any third-party pieces of software, we will need to detail how this will work, exactly what happens when a certain trigger happens and if the synchronisation is one, or both ways.

Carefully crafted specification to build your website
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This is the opportunity for both agency and client to fully explore and document how the website or piece of software will work. It can of course be a daunting task, which is why we will use our experience to produce the first draft of the specification and present it to our client for review.

This will be provided via a shared document with commenting ability, so if there are any questions or amendments that need to be made, they can easily be discussed within the document itself. 

During the design and development of the new website or product, things do inevitably change slightly. We make sure revisions are also documented so that at beta-release, there is an up-to-date version for our clients to check against.

Having experience in this industry for over 20 years, it is clear to us that the only time a project fails is when there is a lack of understanding on either side as to what the requirements actually are. As well as being a form of clarification, it is also protection. It provides our clients with a comprehensive breakdown of what we have agreed to deliver, and Envious with what is within our remit to provide. This removes so many complications and avoids any breakdown in the relationship as both parties are totally clear with what to expect. It also ensures the development process is clear, smooth, and streamlined.
By this point in the journey together, Envious will already have a very good understanding of what the requirements are. It makes total sense for one of our technical team members to create the first draft of the specification which will be presented in a clear, easy to understand document.

Nothing! It’s that important, we wouldn’t want to guess what should be developed. Therefore, a specification is a crucial part of the process.

This is very common, so please do speak to your Account Manager if this happens. We will endeavour to make the change during development without any effect on cost or timelines. If, though, the change means we have to either recreate something in a different way, or it adds to the overall time, we will provide you with the option to have it added as an additional item post-launch, or included as a change in the initial development process. We will never carry out work and invoice you for anything that isn’t fully agreed upon beforehand.


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ION Science distributor dashboard client login area

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“You don’t need to be technical to understand our specifications. Each one is written specifically for the particular client, in a way they will understand. No jargon here!”

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