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Envious Digital takes the time to fully understand our client’s businesses. The initial consultation is key to us being able to ask the questions we need to create a foundation to build upon and is a fundamental exercise enabling us to produce the best possible result.


This is our opportunity to get to know each other properly and learn how each other works. 

Whether it’s an addition to an existing site or a fresh project, we will ask the questions we need to determine how the site should be built. In addition, using our extensive experience in website development, we will be able to discuss the solutions to what our clients want to achieve.

It is only by having this extensive discussion that we get to discover what the objectives really are, the reasons, and then be able to explain in clear English how things can work. 

Sit down and tell us about your company


The initial meeting (don’t worry, there will be lots more) will have quite a firm structure to make sure we cover the most important aspects at this point.

The more information we can glean about what our clients want to achieve, the better placed we will be to go away, discuss with the wider team, and come back to you with a comprehensive proposal, explaining what we plan to do to achieve it. 

There will most likely be many questions asked from the client so they can understand both the process and how it works. The things we will cover are:-

Start a discussion, we will be happy to help

Exploratory Discussion

Get to know each other, an overview of the point of the project, introduction to each other’s teams and ability to get a deeper understanding of the business objectives on a broader scale. This will also tell us if we are right for each other

What is wordpress and how does it work

What are the objectives?

Let’s talk about this in more detail. There are many areas that will be discussed such as target audience, the message and how it is delivered. Things we will as could be – is the site to be lead generating, transactional, informational etc?

Mapped out and bespoke websites and applications

Review/critique existing website

When it is a website redesign/build, we will go through the existing site and provide our opinions on what we would do better and how. We don’t just tell you this though. We will fully explain our reasons why and provide comparable examples.

Write your specification with us to perfect it

Specific functionality requirements

It could be that there needs to be complex functionality in order to achieve specific results. Once we know what the end result needs to be, we can ask the questions needed to enable us to present our ideas on how we could achieve this.

Look at SEO with a magnifying glass

Desired look and feel

A project is only as good as the initial brief. Envious Digital’s experienced designs will put together a questionnaire specific to the business to generate a brief that addresses everything from brand guidelines, to specific design elements.

Envious digital offer a range of website services

Proposal presentation meeting

With all the information gathered, we will discuss the project as a team and come back to you with a comprehensive proposal. This will include an explanation of our development plan, estimated costs and a timescale for delivery.

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Q&A session

There can be much information to digest during the previous processes. We allow enough time to have a Q&A session where we can explore any area in more detail, allowing clients to add information that hadn’t previously been thought about.


Envious Digital provides consultation through to website design and development. Here is just a selection of our work

ION Science

ION Science distributor dashboard client login area

ION Science required a portal for their distributors with varying access abilities to download information and take examinations.

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3 Legged Duck

Bespoke design and wordpress development by Envious Digital

Envious Digital developed a uniquely designed e-commerce website for 3 Legged Duck showcasing their work and unique products.

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Batten & Allen

Different website design by Envious Digital

Batten and Allen wanted to really stand out against the crowd within their industry. Read more to find out about the whole project.

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“Envious provides full consultancy on driving business forwards via an online environment. Website production is just the outcome.”

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