GA4 – What you need to know


If you are currently using Google Analytics to track your data, then you need to know about GA4!

In July 2023, GA4 will be taking over from the current GA3 (Google Analytics). GA3 will be switched off and Google has confirmed there will be no transfer of historical data from the old to the new. This means it’s a good idea to set it up now and leave it gathering data until you are ready to switch so you still have a backlog of data.

We suggest that our clients set up and start using GA4 as soon as possible. The switch from one to the other should then be seamless and you will be used to using GA4, and already have an understanding of how it works. You will also have a year’s worth of data to work with. If you leave it to the last minute, you will have no access to any other data recorded which will make it really difficult to compare. If you are already using Google Analytics, you can follow this link to get set up with the new generation here

The main purpose of this upgrade is that it is focused on the privacy of your users and viewers. It also addresses user feedback on the useability of analytics with improvements. With more and more people using online platforms post-pandemic, GA4 will provide relevant data which has become essential to today’s working world for business. Even at Google, everything is constantly evolving. This upgrade will also provide more intelligent analytics using machine learning going forward.

GA4 is now a cross-platform data tracker. Meaning if you currently have a website and an app, it can combine and organise data from both. Making it a lot easier to compare and analyse important information for your company. You do not want to lose any significant data which helps your company grow!

GA4 is going to be around for a much longer time so don’t worry – you won’t have to do this again for a while! It also dives deeper into the user journey across your platform whilst protecting the user’s privacy.

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