Project Description

bidwedge was invented by Shon Alam, after recognising consumer’s frustration when it comes to trading in currency

The main issue is that the consumer incurs fees and charges both when they buy the currency they need, and then also when they return and exchange it back into the original currency version

bidwedge is a trading platform that was built bespoke to facilitate peer to peer trading, at rates far lower than high street currency exchange services, banks, and travel card providers

Prior to developing the system itself, Envious performed a full branding exercise which allows for brand development across media and marketing collateral across all platforms

The system Envious Digital purposefully developed allows for administrators to control which currencies they wish to buy and sell, alter the exchange rate (which is an adjustment of a real-time API feed from a mid-market rate provider) and of course, view, monitor and verify transaction requests

With so many possibilities of account creation types, payment methods, and transaction process stages, we needed to develop multiple triggers that send information to both the consumer’s and administrator’s dashboards, along with different email notifications

Working alongside a leading SEO Agency, the end result is a high-performing currency trading platform that is strong in useability and user journey