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Big Bike Book approached Envious Digital during the Coronavirus lockdown situation, to extend their reach to consumers

The company is owned by one of the largest UK distributors of Motorcycle gear, and what with Dealers not being able to sell their products either, they required a new platform to present clearance items directly towards them

Although the website was built in WordPress and utilises WooCommerce, it also integrates with a larger bespoke system, feeding in specific product types and categories. We run a cron job every hour which updates stock values, adds new products, and feeds in product imagery from one location

Most bespoke customisation was developed by Envious Digital to enhance the standard features WooCommerce offers

We wanted to make searching and selecting products as intuitively as possible for consumers, so we added a product filter sidebar that is dynamically populated with choices only available within the category the user is visiting

This results in increasing conversion rate of sales and provides a much sleeker user journey for the customer