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When we heard that an ex-soldier – Ben Walsgrove – wanted to use his time being furloughed to put a book together of other soldiers of the same regiment that Captain Sir Tom Moore served in, to thank him for his amazing efforts for raising money for the NHS, we couldn’t help but offer a helping hand!

When the initial idea was to just produce one book as a gift to say thank you, word spread, and over 500 images of other soldiers on furlough were sent to Ben for inclusion in the book, and requests to buy a copy made. Therefore, Envious Digital created a platform and a design, that allowed anybody to buy the book online. This meant that Ben was able to print an initial 500 copies of the book and after a certain number sold, 100% of the proceeds being donated to charity

In terms of the website’s design, it needed to carry a traditional look, with colour references to the Regiment and a clear message to those looking to buy the book

Buying the book is made easy with clear call to actions throughout the site and a one-page payment screen for easy collection of payments

A Stripe account was set up in minutes and integrated into the site to ensure that all payments were allocated to a specific account which was created purely for the purpose of generating the funds to print and post the book to purchasers

The launch was a huge success, with around 90% of the initial print run being sold within the first 48 hours!

Our designer, Shelley, was invited to then design the front cover of the book which was a huge honour and we are proud to be able to have helped and lend our skills for such a heart-warming and worthy cause