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Dell EMC, one of the World’s largest IT Cloud computing providers, run events for their resellers across the world to help them gain information, learn about new technologies and have networking opportunities

Envious was tasked with designing and developing an App that the delegates could use to view information on sessions ahead of the event so that they could plan activities and use it as a tool for fast networking in-between sessions

Deliverables during the two year contract with EMC were to provide a Geolocation event finder – displaying forums within a specific theatre (EMEA, Americas, and Asia Pacific).

Delegates could then view sessions, add to their personal agendas, view sponsors, download documentation, register at the event with their unique QR codes, take part in live polling sessions and add their input to the word cloud displayed at the event

The App was translated into some 16 different languages. Envious Digital worked with 56 locations across the world to produce a successful, multi-platform application which delivered data inputted by EMC team members across the world to provide real-time information

EMC had a huge uptake on its Global Forum App. With the implementation of App-specific metric reporting, they were also able to demonstrate to their sponsors precise usage and traffic to specific areas, drilled right down to City, screen, the device used, and even the network provider.

The app also enabled post-event marketing with user-specific content being pushed to devices, and the ability to re-skin the app for future events. Their sister company, RSA Security, was just one other to use the technology, saving substantial investment