FERIDAX (1957) Ltd


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Feridax (1957) Ltd are one of the UK’s largest distributors and manufacturer of Motorcycle clothing, accessories, and bike parts. They supply thousands of retailers in the UK and Europe and rely on a complex ordering and fulfillment system to give their dealers a place to order items, their sales staff to monitor their own accounts and their warehousing staff to fulfill orders

Their previous system was built on Magento, but with the new release of Magento 2, they could no longer rely on the platform to handle the vast amount of customisation they had implemented over the previous years. Envious Digital worked with Feridax to scope the project, and develop a brand new bespoke platform largely built on Laravel and bespoke integration with their traditional backend management system which had been built independently many years previous

Envious Digital has spent the last 11 months working with Feridax to fully scope, design and develop a brand new system to include all of the functionality they had previously, but also improving it by adding additional features, and future-proofing for when they take their internal management system to the cloud

Our team focussed on maintaining the Feridax brand – with a difference! We wanted their customers to remain familiar with the look and feel of how they were used to using it, but giving it a much more modern approach. The integration with their existing management system required much bespoke SQL scripts to handle multiple files being passed to and from the system, ensuring orders were received correctly, returns were able to be processed, stock and new products kept up to date and bespoke promotions created by the Feridax management team

The result has been hugely successful with dealers welcoming the new platform and Feridax enjoying the new functionality it offers them, reducing in admin time and manual processing