We were excited Jankel chose Envious to work on this project! Jankel is a world-leader in advanced protection systems for vehicles and occupants. They have been delivering dedicated protection for more than 60 years

This also tied in with the recruitment of Jane, our new Account Manager, who implemented new strategies to keep in close contact with Jankel and keep the project in the right tracks (given that we knew it was going to be a large website!). We scheduled in weekly calls with the client to make sure deadlines were met. This way we could all talk about our progress and any worries if we had any. We were set design guidelines to follow by another design agency who we worked closely with to make sure we got the design right and also express our ideas to improve the design on different screen sizes

We created and set up a careers section for Jankel to list their available jobs and allow users to apply for these jobs with the relevant information and documents – giving their internal HR department to also process and manage candidates

The biggest part of the website is the products section. We’ve made it easy for the user to find and download the right specification for the product they’re interested in. Inside the individual product there is a CTA which downloads the specification for that product. ALL of the product specifications can also be found in the downloads page under the relevant product range

We used Bugherd to keep on track with all the clients amends and comments. The client found it easy to navigate throughout the site and allocate the right point exactly where they see it. As the client can write a comment in their own words it makes it easier for the designers to understand what they mean, whilst also providing us with a screenshot of exactly where the client clicked when they made their comment. Bugherd can be organised from backlog, todo, doing and done, meaning throughout the whole process we knew how much we had worked through and much was left to address, allowing us to meet our deadlines on time and within budget