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La Vie De Luxe was established from a law firm in Mayfair, London, who look after the transactional contracts of high net worth individuals looking to charter or purchase new and used Yachts, Jets and Helicopters

We were challenged with creating a brand, and a functional website that allowed visitors to easily search for yachts and jets, whilst also being able to book a jet online

Part of our task was to build an intelligent, advanced search feature that allowed visitors to search through hundreds of items, using and changing up to ten search filters, whilst displaying the change in results dynamically and with no loss of speed or performance visually

The La Vie De Luxe website allows visitors to search through hundreds of items using many different search criteria elements. This was built from the ground up to allow the client to upload further products correctly, whilst maintaining a clean search function and ultimately a brochure on the chosen product that delivers the information cleanly and aesthetically pleasingly

La Vie De Luxe have an attractive place for their audience to browse items available for purchase, some of which worth over £1billion – so the importance of projecting a slick, professional, high quality experience was essential. We have delivered a successful platform for transactions of this kind to be instigated by applying a well thought out method of user experience and engagement in terms of search, content, making private jet bookings and engaging with La Vie De Luxe and their call to actions