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Living Life Better, a service that focusses on improving individual’s life goals and targets a mixture of areas such as psychology, physiology and assisting with achieving personal targets

The initial assessment is produced by a completing a test, comprising of a set of ‘between 1 and 10’ answers, which gauges a starting point of happiness to work from. The system features an appointment booking tool, whereby individuals may book appointments with specific staff members focussing on the areas of intent

Once the initial assessment completed, the individuals are provided with a login area which dynamically populates a report of the outcome of the consultation

This complex system allows staff members of Living Life Better to consult their clients on a frequent basis and update the progress on an ongoing basis which in turn, updates the report for the individual to view and monitor

As well as this, staff and individuals may discuss their progress, targets and achievements one-to-one within the report area

The service is provided on a membership level basis, with the technology for this as well as subscription payments being integrated into the website

“The main reason I find Envious Digital to be so good at what they do, is the way they work with you. They listen, they question, they provide ideas and it really does seem to be a team effort to ensure that the end product is something that everyone is proud of LLB”

Simon Shepard – CEO