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Envious Digital has worked with Benefit Cosmetics on a number of projects. This project was to apply their new branding and completely redesign, their UK blog site. Envious carried out the same objective 2 years ago, so we were delighted to be asked to repeat the process for a second time

Benefit Cosmetics wanted to achieve a more chic and cleaner look this year – and we love it! The new blogsite launch coincided with a revamp of their main e-commerce platform, so ensuring continuity and seamless styles visually was crucial

Around 65% of online sales being driven from their beauty blog which we hope will increase with this new one!

From a technical point of view, the process needed us to completely upgrade their software and export their blog posts in a format that could then be imported into the new version, retaining all data and images. During migration, we also ensured SEO was not affected and also provided additional support to protect against vulnerabilities

The switch involved a change of font, so we carried out a search and replace on the new site to ensure embedded fonts were not missed

Their in-house design team provided us with .PSD files to demonstrate the header, footer, and navigation system. Envious ensured we replicated this down to the pixel!

“Envious are a great partner for Benefit Cosmetics. They are agile and are quick to bring projects to life, whilst keeping you updated every step of the way. It’s been great working with an agency where you know the team you are working with and not in a support queue. We look forward to working with them in the future!”

Luke Schönenberger – Senior eCommerce Manager