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Perfect Teams was founded by Engineer Neil Tuson who had developed a much more detailed way to produce accurate and revealing persona testing

This technique, which has been used by businesses for many years and usually when recruiting and reviewing staff, was often weak in the level of detail it produced and provided no understanding as to what to do with these results moving forwards

Envious Digital provided Perfect Teams with a full branding exercise and the creation of a bespoke application which allows individuals, companies and licensees to create accounts and manage their test results online

The questionnaire itself (indicator) comprises of around 80 different questions where answers are picked on a weighted scale. The algorithm was extremely complex as not only did it provide the metrics on the main ‘character’, but also a secondary and third possibility.

Further to this and based on the results of the individual, a report is generated which dynamically populates relevant content into the document in the form of an aesthetically pleasing booklet

When the system is used by companies, they are also able to create team maps in order to display an overall view of character types within the business, or certain departments

The system is monetised by collecting payments for ‘credits’ to take tests, and the price is also adjusted depending on the amount of credits that are purchased