Stockdown is a creation of our own. We designed and developed a simple, but effective e-commerce platform to allow shop owners who are now unable to trade due to the Coronavirus pandemic, have an outlet to sell the stock they would have in their now redundant shops

The site is perfect for small businesses to sell up to around 100 products across multiple categories, without having to worry about developing it themselves

As well as this, we introduced a 6 x month payment scheme (interest-free) as we also understood cashflow could be a potential issue

Stockdown is specifically designed for independent shops selling products that you would not normally find on larger commercial websites

Each page has been specifically designed to showcase not only the products themselves but also the category that the products live within

The e-commerce system uses Stripe and/or Paypal. meaning there is no PCI compliance to worry about and integration is swift and simple

Shop owners benefit from our design skills, fast production, a full CRM and order reporting tool, fulfillment email notifications and the ability to add and edit products themselves