The Smart Accountants

The Smart Accountants, are part of a bigger group of accountancy firms. The group specialises in niche areas in different industries. The Smart Accountants challenged us to produce a new design for the existing website whilst taking into account a big change to the structure. The aim of the new design was to incorporate more lifestyle images to better engage with users and make the site more friendly whilst elevating the brand as industry leader.

Having quite a free reign with the use of images and icons whilst remaining within the brand guidelines helped us bring the products and services by industry to life. It is now really easy to see by industry what The Smart Accountants have to offer. We also used the lightbulb from the logo throughout the site to create a brand asset and offer familiarity.

We restructured the navigation menu in order to provide an clear user journey and get to the information quicker by being able to access the key areas more easily, whilst giving the whole site a more up-to-date look and feel. Improvements to the filtering of news posts make the site much more engaging for users and in turn will mean more interaction and engagement with The Smart Accountants.

The Smart Accountants also added a whole new area around the technology sector with a visually translated process, which we creatively applied giving a clear timeline of how ‘the tech journey’ works.

SEO was a primary focus on this new site. We worked alongside The Smart Accountants’ SEO partner in order to make sure the site performed well on Google from the start. This included introducing more relevant calls to action in order to increase enquiries and leads.