Titman Tools

Titman Tools required an eCommerce website that catered for sales to B2C and B2B customers.

They have a huge catalogue of products in which all of the information is held in a third-party piece of software, which we needed to build an integration for to ensure that product pricing and information is always up to date. The new system enables B2C customers to purchase products online, and their trade users to log in, see their specific pricing and also search for and repeat orders by part number.

The product information is also displayed very differently for the different types of customers. B2C customers will see the familiarity of how they would normally expect product information to be displayed, with product variations and choices being shown and selectable by dropdowns, whilst trade customers will see a grid list of all products in a table, with part numbers and thumbnail images, with the ability to order different quantities of each one all from the same page.

We also integrated Lloyd’s Cardnet payment system, allowing for credit accounts to be used and also printable packing lists to be given to the warehouse. This new, complete solution has proved to be a great success and satisfies the one system to be used by different user types.