Vocal Point

Vocal Point is an agency for voice-over artists to display their work and allow potential clients to request to book these artists.

Artist’s profiles can be filtered and sorted by location, gender, style, experience and more. Once you have gone into an artist’s profile, you can listen to their audio clips and watch their videos which may include TV adverts and video games.

Our main aim for Vocal Point was to make it easy for clients to find what type of voice they’re looking for and perform a call to action. The design keeps it simple and focuses on the main goal of the website, which is showcasing the artists.

We kept Vocal Point’s favourite and most used functionality – which was shortlisting. Once you have found an audio file that you like the sound of, you simply shortlist it. Once you have shortlisted all your favourite sounds, you go to your shortlist page and it will display all your favourites. Below, you can email yourself the links to these files and also add other recipients, along with a simple message.

Overall, the new Vocal Point website is a lot easier to navigate through the front end and allows our client to edit themselves in the backend. The design is a lot more appealing and voice artists stand out a lot more. With improved search functionality as well as filtering functionality, clients will be able to find and contact an artist with ease.