With coronavirus taking such a huge toll on the trading ability and revenue for independent retailers, worries and uncertainty for the future is as prevalent as it has ever been

Envious Digital belongs to one of the more fortunate industries that have been able to continue trading. This is due to our expertise in building brands and providing businesses with online platforms to carry out providing products, services and information online

That’s why we have created Stockdown. A professionally built ecommerce platform specifically for small businesses affected by the lockdown

We have tried to make it as easy and cost effective as possible for businesses of any size to get their stock online as quickly as possible, and have introduced an interest free 6 x month payment term

The official demo – www.stockdown.co.uk, is a working version of exactly what we are offering. It includes everything you would expect from a professional ecommerce store, all manageable by shop owners themselves

Included in our service is everything shop owners need including site setup, creating products, adding images and integrating online payment providers. We are also providing 6 x months free hosting

We welcome your feedback and if you know someone who could benefit from this, please send them over to www.stockdown.co.uk

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