Short Interview with Clare MD – Working from home.

Important Update – Covid19 changes at Envious

In order to allow the team at Envious Digital to continue to work, Clare MD made sure everyone could work from home. In a short interview, she has confirmed that it has some advantages and some disadvantages.

“The advantages are everyone seems to be getting quite a lot done and have adjusted to the change really well! There is a real feeling of team spirit here at Envious what with our weekly Webex pub and daily touch bases there is a real feeling that we will get through this together.

The disadvantages are, it can be really difficult to track what everyone is up to and what they are achieving each day. In light of this, we are introducing to our timesheet a daily breakdown tab. This will help my Account Manager keep on top of who is doing what each day.

So all in all, going well, but a small change to the way the developers report will make a massive success of our ability to deliver in an efficient manner. “

It was great talking with Clare to take the time to understand how small businesses are coping in a really weird climate.

Written by Minion

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