Aquiko is owned by Aquatic Control Engineering. Their expertise is in engineering and installation of equipment for within the water industry.  All their products have been manufactured in the UK and offer a range of bespoke products.

Their main priority is providing products and a service with a low carbon footprint, but retaining high quality and strength. Aquiko wanted a website where they could sell their own products online which is revolutionary for their industry! It’s very niche but helps their customers and traders purchase orders online and with the complex product customiser we developed, customers can choose from a variety of different options in a stepped process on the website themselves.

Aquiko’s website handles credit purchases, trade accounts, credit accounts, bespoke product prices, and composite products.

They wanted to make sure customers knew what they were buying online so we decided to set up a videos and documents section. The videos section consists of a range of episodes, demonstrating individual products, and their installation process. The documents section gives the customers PDF and DWG drawings of the products in all their different forms and sizes with a search and filtering option for easy access.

In the backend, each order is syncronised with their Zoho CRM system which creates the customer, order, account and invoice details saving them much administration time in duplication, also removing any room for human error.

Aquiko’s main concern was to make sure the site was easy to use and new customers could understand how to navigate it. To ensure Aquiko could administer the website themselves moving forwards, we made sure they were provided with very informational tutorial videos and an organised structure.

“Envious have been great to work with from the start of our project to the end. From the very first meeting we had with them they were professional, understood our brief and came up with great solutions to the challenges we put in front of them.

The team are knowledgeable, creative, supportive, and a joy to spend time with, while delivering a product exactly as we envisioned.

We would definitely recommend Envious and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Andy Gilfillan – Marketing