Floyd’s Grill

Floyd’s Grill is an outstanding restaurant in Faringdon, Oxfordshire which opened in 2022.

The decor, is flamboyant and the name was aptly named for the late TV chef Keith Floyd, who was famous for cooking in unusual locations with a glass of wine in his hand, Floyd’s Grill has the same flexible vibe.

Our main aim for Floyd’s Grill’s website was to show off their restaurant, their chef, and the food he creates and inject the character into the website itself. In doing this, as well as allowing people to instantly book a table and view upcoming events, has created an online presence that people can utilise proactively on desktop or on the go.

We used real-life photography and video footage of the restaurant itself and of course plates of food to ensure authenticity, added a booking form and a place for them to promote upcoming events with text and imagery along with giving people the ability to book and view the menus for special evenings and taster sessions.

The booking form allows Floyd’s to specify the number of bookings available on certain days and times. When bookings are made, the system automatically recalculates this to avoid them getting over-subscribed. The booking system will automatically approve and confirm bookings under a certain amount of people and customers can easily go in and amend their booking themselves afterward. Naturally, email notifications are sent to both the customer and Floyd’s Grill.

With the addition of a live Facebook feed, it’s easy for people to see what they are communicating all in one place and to interact with them. The homepage was designed to include lots of important factors such as the current menus, the next three events, and key information about Floyds.

All of this, with a design that gives the brand continuity, has resulted in a successful launch and we’re excited to see the outcome it brings for the Floyd’s Grill team!