System Supply Industries

Envious worked alongside Invision Marketing to provide their with client an effective, easy-to-navigate website to enhance their offering and update their presence with more up to date information.

System Supply Industries (SSI) is a leading provider of used IT hardware and specialise in consulting with businesses to provide them with the equipment they really need, whilst minimising enterprise IT hardware’s long-term environmental impact.

Invision Marketing has been working closely with SSI on their initial proposition and ongoing sales and marketing strategy and provided Envious with a detailed brief on what the objectives were.

As a result, SSI now have a clear representation of their company online and a unique style. These new design assets can be used across their other marketing material to provide cohesion and recognition across multiple communication platforms.

Envious Digital will continue working alongside Invision Marketing, providing ongoing hosting, maintenance, and support, and assisting with adaptive changes as and when the requirement is needed – whilst also implementing SEO techniques to drive organic traffic to the new website.