Project Description

Idox Group are a PLC company with a huge collection of subsidiary companies and products that previously, all had their own websites and microsites. When the company went through a rebranding exercise, it was decided that instead of having multiple sites to visit to find group information, a new site should be created that would bring everything together, providing visitors with one place to access information on their range of products and services

Envious was invited to collaborate with Industry Branding to deliver a high-quality website with a completely revised structure and navigation, to promote Idox Group’s products and services to their existing, and new, list of clients. During the website development, we also worked alongside Footprint Digital, a successful SEO and content planning agency to ensure that there was no disruption to their online search presence

As part of the Phase 1 project, Envious Digital also developed bespoke areas such as a careers platform for their HR team to manage and process job applications, contact form integration with their marketing automation platform, case studies with gated forms to assist with lead generation, and much more

We also needed to ensure that all of their previous news posts were incorporated into the site. As there were over 200 items, manually inserting these would be time-consuming and costly. Therefore, we worked with Idox’s IT team to extract an export of their previous posts retaining all of the data we needed to import these into the new website

Future work will include breaking product pages down to include deeper content levels as well as translation into multiple languages

The result has seen a huge rise in engagement and responses to campaigns as well as praise from Directors and investors of Idox

We have also worked with their internal marketing and web team to train them on how to use all aspects of the site so they can continue to maintain and add content themselves, without being tied to an agency

Working with Idox and their marketing team, with a large amount of content to organise and design into the site with a very short deadline was a challenging task – but one we are happy to say we met