International Cyber Security Center of Excellence (INCS-CoE) – part of Imperial College, London, were looking to expand and decided they wanted their own website. INCS-CoE didn’t have any branding when they first came to us and after showing INCS-CoE a range of different logo ideas they decided on one we created ourselves which we based the rest of the website design on

The main area of interest on this site is the home page and the resources section. INCS-CoE is actively working with numerous other Universities across the globe to join the INCS-CoE. On this basis we needed to make sure the site was universal. We wanted to make sure we got to the point with all the resources and research they had to offer

This simplistic yet effective design carefully organised all their information but still portrayed the message of security

Envious precisely selected a range of images to display throughout the site. Some reflecting the seriousness of security but some more personal to balance out the message being portrayed to the user

INCS-CoE’s three main countries that they’re involved with are the United States, United Kingdom and Japan. Therefore they needed three different contact forms to go to three different parts of the world. We did this by creating 3 closed toggles with contact forms inside. Meaning it’ll be easy for the user to select which country they want their contact form to go to