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Oriani & Co, founded by model, travel writer and entrepreneur, Chantelle, presented us with the challenge of developing a website to provide an online shop to promote her high end clothing brand. Being a meticulous perfectionist herself, her brand and the website’s appearance needed to reflect the caliber of her products, along with the customer experience itself.

Chantelle’s clothing range is of extremely high quality, boutique level, with options to personalise on her capes and scarves. Our challenge was to take her vision online, whilst also advising on development strategies and providing customers with the ability to personalise their chosen products.

With the high expectations of the user journey and attention to detail on the front end, we needed to make sure that Chantelle’s brief was listened to and implemented across the site, both visually and in development. Our team ensured that the website would be highly attractive to the discerning audience and that the process from viewing her product ranges, selecting sizes, colours and other options – as well as being able to personalise certain items, were all taken into account

Chantelle’s reach on Social Media created a successful launch, with orders immediately being taken on and offline. Customers can use the mega menu to select their product type, as well as shop for occasion. Chantelle has the full ability to manage stock levels and create new products, removing the dependence on an agency and allowing her to re-invest into her business for the future