Oxford Flutes

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Oxford Flutes Summer School came about in 1988 and every year they have hosted classes and concerts for professional and aspiring musicians. They allow all ages to join, so when they came to us to recreate their current site, we knew it needed to reach their younger audience and inspire them to take up their passion

Our designer, Shelley, had no issue figuring out what direction they wanted this site to go in. Whilst remaining professional and within a traditional influence and location, we produced a very current and musical inspired design. Shelley used soft waves to separate sections to give a natural flow throughout the pages and chose a font to compliment the high class of flutes and pianos

We believe using images of the school and its students will give a much more personal feel to it, giving the audience insight to what summer school would feel like if they decided to go. In order to assist Oxford Flutes in increasing the inbound school bookings on the website, we included calls to actions in strategic places

By modernising the website and making it easier for people to navigate, we also allowed quick access to the pricing structure and what each type of course would include. We improved the book now form making it submittable electronically and remaining user friendly to complete. Much more was made of being in Oxford as a real selling point to flautists

The launch was a great success, resulting in more traffic and enquiries being driven through the website straight away

“Envious Digital was an easy choice for us to work with when we wanted to completely rebuild our website. From the first conversation, Clare seemed to really understand what we wanted, and along with Jane and Shelley they were brilliant in their delivery of the project.

Everything went to schedule, the cost was reasonable and didn’t escalate, and every detail was taken into account. Everyone had great skills in listening, understanding, responsiveness and problem solving. I would recommend them wholeheartedly.”

Katie Bycroft – Director