The Gun Cupboard

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The Gun Cupboard is a country store selling premium British brands. For example, Barbour, Joules, and Musto. They also sell a range of second hand guns that you can enquire about on the website. They provide a lot of useful information on their industry – everything from gun laws to clothing care

As well as a complete redesign, we were also tasked with integrating with their EPOS system, Intelligent Retail. This wasn’t a system we were familiar with and our Technical Director, James, heavily customised an API to receive data from an ever changing stock system to ensure stock levels and products were kept up to date, as well as new order information also being sent back to the EPOS system in the shop

As guns cannot be purchased online, we needed to create a rule that would recognise this, and instead direct users to an enquiry form instead of going through the normal checkout process. There are currently over 2000 products on the site, with more categories, product options and high quality imagery being added all the time

In the footer we have integrated with Mailchimp to keep new visitors up to date with regular communication and updates in this sector. Visitors can also quickly go to the useful information page located in the main menu, to be pointed in the right direction whether that’s for returns, size guides, firearm certificates, gun storage and information on registering and transferring gun licenses

The Gun Cupboard like to keep an active social presence, so to accommodate that, we created a Facebook widget to display in the footer so customers can straight away see all their latest posts on every page. If the customer requires any urgent information they can simply click on the chat icon on the bottom right which takes them straight to their Facebook messenger

The launch was hugely successful, especially with the use of discount codes upon launch. This was soon removed due to the number of sales the new website achieved