The benefits of internal linking for SEO

How important is SEO for your website? Sometimes the smallest things can improve your site being indexed on Google.

Linking one page to another on your website can help Google understand how your website works and locate pages which might be relevant. When Google scans your website, it will try and rank your pages in order of importance. Once it has found a main page and you have included internal links in your text, it will then branch those pages off its main page and create a mini sitemap in Google. This is how they improve your SEO ranking and control how your website is displayed in a Google search result.

An example of internal linking might look like this

“We can help with migrating the site to our hosting and after auditing your website’s infrastructure, we can recommend the right care plan for you. For more information, visit our Hosting and Care Plans section.”

This link has been directly taken from our website. It comes from our main Services page and links to a sub page, Hosting and Care Plans. Google will pick up on this when running a scan and will label Services as an important page and Hosting and Care plans as a sub page which includes relative content. All Google wants to do is help the reader navigate to the most suitable page. Keywords in the sentence will also help Google pick up what the content is talking about. E.g “hosting”, “website’s infrastructure” and “care plan”. Pick your words carefully! 

Internal links will also keep people on your website! If they’re interested in what they are reading on your pages, adding links will convince the user to stay on the website. If you do not include any links on your pages, there is nowhere else for the user to navigate to and they will click off to find the information they are looking for somewhere else. We want to keep the readers engaged and intrigued that there might be more information for them to learn about. 

Don’t go too link heavy. Linking to pages that might not be relevant will not help Google understand what your website is about and may go against you.

We can of course help you with your internal linking to improve your SEO! Nobody knows your website like you do and we can help you get across the message you are trying to accomplish! Contact us to give your SEO that push it needs. 

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