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Envious Digital is proud to have worked with Headway Oxfordshire to provide them with an informative and engaging website to promote and reach out to people in need of their services

Headway are a charity that provide specialist help and support to people who suffer from brain injuries.

Envious’ challenge was to create a sitemap and user journey that encapsulates the magnitude of services they provide, in an easy to understand and access manner

Included in the functionality is the ability for Headway to created paid for, and free, events which people can register to attend

They also have the functionality to sell their own products on the site, manage content and do everything you would expect from a full CMS

With the staff at Headway being extraordinarily busy, Envious Digital created a full playlist of short tutorial videos allowing Headway to fully administrate their website themselves, allowing for fewer costs and catering for busy staff to self-administer easily

“Headway Oxfordshire have been working with Envious Digital for a number of years now. They are a great support in providing website hosting, development and support, so that we are able to raise awareness of our charitable work through our website, that they helped to build. They are a pleasure to work with and have been very supportive”

Sharelle Holdsworth – Marketing & Events Officer