Inside Marketing, now called Inside Global, which we have previously worked with to create their new brand and website, has had a hugely successful period throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Due to this growth, they have extensively expanded their team members and now offer their services globally.

To reflect this change, we were tasked with improving their website to provide more up-to-date information about their organisation and to include rich content they are now producing.

You can see the previous portfolio item here

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Some of the key changes introduced are a much more technical look and feel with more graphics and video content within their site. We also worked with Inside Global to provide them with a group of Digital Assets that they can use across their communication platforms to ensure brand consistency.

The challenge was that although Inside Global has grown extensively and specialise in the Information Technology Industry, they are still a young, energetic company whose team members are a pleasure to work with. We needed to reflect this.

The result is a more striking appearance that reflects their new business structure, whilst allowing Inside Global to constantly add new content without disrupting the new design.

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